Dear Acupuncture For Athletes Clients,

Our office will be closed until the spread of Covid-19 is no longer a risk to our community. In accordance with New York City Department of Health recommendations, please stay home even if you do not feel sick at this time and only go out for essential tasks. We all need to stay home in order to not unwittingly transmit disease and subsequently overwhelm our healthcare system capacity.

We really look forward to a time when we can get back to business as usual. Until then, our hope is that you and your families stay healthy and safe. If you are anxious or feeling isolated, you are welcome to reach out to us anytime to maintain connection. We may also be able to answer questions about how to manage injuries from home. Please call or text us at 917.300.1019. Lastly, please take breaks from media consumption and allow your nervous system to regulate each day. This will help you to maintain your own wellbeing.

Warmest regards,

Colleen Canyon, MS, L.Ac.


"I went to Acupuncture For Athletes suffering from pain in my lower back and shoulder brought on by a combination of exercise and too many hours in an office chair. After several sessions, the pain had gone from keeping me up at night to virtually nonexistent. And the improvement began immediately after the first session! Just as important, Colleen provides a welcoming, professional atmosphere that makes the process pleasant. I highly recommend Acupuncture For Athletes."
Rob E.
"I've suffered from pain in my neck and shoulders for years, and have tried chiropractors and various types of massage to treat it, with minimal success. I came to Acupuncture For Athletes in a lot of pain and was blown away by what Colleen is able to do! I experienced lasting relief that felt like it came from addressing the root of the problems. I've always felt very comfortable with Colleen - she is great at providing a safe space and at demystifying acupuncture processes. I recommend Colleen to friends all the time - she's amazing!"
Jeannie E.
"Colleen is an excellent acupuncturist and her skill, knowledge and professionalism is top notch. She has a strong and dynamic knowledge of the body, a calming presence, exceptional touch, great intuition and excellent skill in finding and releasing trigger points in problematic muscles and structures all over the body. She was instrumental in helping me avoid surgery and rehabilitate from a chronic hip injury. The injury required needling in very sensitive, deep and elusive trigger points, and despite the discomfort that some of the needling caused, I always had confidence that I was in great hands. I also see Colleen to treat my shoulder which flares up a few times a year, and after 1-2 sessions with her I am usually good to go. I am a massage therapist and personal trainer and thus have a strong appreciation and high standard for excellence in healthcare and bodywork, and I have the utmost respect for Colleen and her work."
Mark G.
"I was referred to Colleen Canyon (Acupuncture For Athletes) for a recurring upper back spasm that had plagued me for years despite repeated attempted treatments, including physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropracty. None of these programs resolved the spasm, that when triggered, was often accompanied by intense levels of pain and then limited my participation in physical activity for up to two weeks after that, as the muscle pain worked itself out. After a series of acupuncture treatments with Colleen, and ongoing treatment sessions (3-4x/year), I am happy to say that the spasms have virtually been eliminated. The trigger point acupuncture provides an immediate and sustained release of tension in the muscle, something that other treatments had been unable to address. With regular treatment sessions every 3-4 months, I've been able to avoid the build-up of muscle tension and maintain a lifestyle where I am a recreational runner and tennis player."
Marc S.
"I have had acupuncture before, but I have never had acupuncture as effective as that which Colleen provides. Her trigger-point therapy reaches the deepest muscles that remain elusive after massage or regular acupuncture. When I ran marathons, Colleen provided the best treatment for a number of overuse injuries or issues that I had: strained hamstrings, tight calves and IT bands, and compartment syndrome among them. I could not have completed my two marathons, or the multiple half-marathons and shorter races that I ran without her help. I have also found Colleen's therapy essential for other health problems, from digestive health to stress release and muscle tightness resulting from scoliosis. In short, Colleen Canyon's trigger-point acupuncture is the best non-Western medicine that I've ever taken. I always leave her office feeling better than when I arrived, more relaxed in both body and mind."
Sara M.
"Colleen has helped me recover from hard workouts and endurance training since 2008. Her acupuncture has helped alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis and a strained adductor brevis muscle of the inner thigh. On three occasions, Colleen's treatments kept my muscles loose so that I could carry on training. I went on to PR (personal record) in two marathons and a half marathon! Colleen is professional, caring and great at diagnosis. Her skilled technique makes a painful procedure bearable. I would recommend her services to athletes and non-athletes alike."
Tavia K.
"For years, I suffered from back and neck pain due to scoliosis and herniated discs in my neck. I thought that I had tried everything (chiropractor, pain medication, physical therapy, massage therapy, etc...) yet the pain still remained. It wasn't until five years ago, when I started seeing Colleen, did I find that trigger point acupuncture was truly the one and only thing that helped relieve the pain. If not for this procedure, I would live in constant pain. I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone considering acupuncture for back and neck pain due to scoliosis or herniated discs."
Debbie M.
"I wanted to write a testimonial for Colleen Canyon as her acupuncture treatments changed my life! Before I met Colleen, I had chronic upper back and neck pain that was often unbearable. I had tried chiropractic adjustments, massage and rolfing. None of these treatments provided permanent pain relief after investing a lot of time and money. Colleen's trigger point acupuncture was able to soften and release those areas on my body that were non-responsive and finally provide relief. After just a few treatments, I started to feel an enormous difference in my neck and back and after committing to regular treatments for several months, the chronic pain disappeared. I am so grateful to Colleen for her kindness, professionalism and expertise. She is a find in NYC."
Diana A.
"I was referred to Colleen in 2010 by my physical therapist, who, after multiple sessions of deep tissue work on my tight adductor (fallout from hip surgery), was unable to fully release the tension in the area. I have since seen her for a herniated disc and subsequent spasms in my neck and back. The dry needling method Colleen employs with the muscular trigger points accesses and relieves muscular tension like nothing I've ever experienced. When I'm suffering from muscular tension or spasms, there's that "spot" or epicenter of the discomfort, and Colleen pin points that spot (literally), releases it and relieves my pain in the best possible way."
Nina W.
"An avid tennis player, I was sidelined from competitive play for almost a year due to neck, shoulder and elbow problems. When my physical therapist recommended Colleen, I had tried several other options without success and was extremely frustrated. From my first session with Colleen, I felt relief and saw improvement. Colleen definitely helped get me back on the tennis court. Today, I see her whenever I have tight muscles. I believe these "maintenance" sessions have prevented other sidelining injuries."
Ashley R.
"I have been working with Colleen on a number of tough areas - my neck and elbow. As an avid tennis player, I put my body under an enormous amount of stress. I have tried massage and physical therapy, but acupuncture cannot be matched with regard to getting into and releasing tight or strained muscles. I have worked with other acupuncture providers before Colleen, but have never had the results she generates. Her approach is thoughtful and she listens to what I say and what my body says before she starts outressions. I highly recommend her."
John Z.
"When I first saw Colleen, I was at a loss. I had a back injury that was the result of too tight hamstrings and glutes. I had tried everything to try to improve the state of my back from physical therapy to deep tissue massage. Nothing seemed to improve my condition. I found out about Colleen online and after my first session with her, I felt an immediate improvement. As a triathlete and distance runner, getting back to training is important to me and within a week, I was able to start training again. Colleen has a knack for knowing exactly where to put the needles. She understands the athlete's body. She is also a really nice person and I always look forward to seeing her. I have always walked away from my appointments with her feeling like the pain is gone and range of motion improved."
Meredith C.
" I thought I wouldn't be able to run again. Knee tendinitis made it very painful and uncomfortable to run. Running had been my outlet for over 10 years. After four months of physical therapy and little to no progress, I got discouraged. A coworker recommended Colleen and life is a little different since then. Just after four treatments with Colleen, not only has the swelling in both knees gone down, but I am able to run again. In June 2012, I completed my first ever 5K run! I work full-time and go to grad school part-time so my only outlet and stress reliever is staying active. Colleen's treatments, techniques and expertise has allowed me to be a more balanced person now that I am able to do the things I enjoy the most – without pain or discomfort. Acupuncture is a natural way to treat injuries (as opposed to medication) and after my experience with Colleen, I returned to her for other muscle related issues (shoulder/neck strain). Hopefully, in the near future, I can begin training for more runs and a half marathon. Thanks to Colleen, I am now able to make these goals for myself. She is truly an amazing healer. Thank you! "
Jamlen F.